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HUM is a religious movement started by Adv. Karuna Shankar Rastogi with his belief "I will do whatever it takes to bring equality amongst all no matter what profession or colour or caste and Varna” says Adv. Karuna Shankar Rastogi. Inspired by Lord Rama from Ramayana, #KSR published a book that demonstrates how we as humans are equal and we must stop discriminating people on the basis of caste and varna.

In 2018 he filed a civil public interest litigation (PIL) #2748, KS Rastogi vs central govt. of India, which was aimed at dissolving discrimination based on religion, race, place of birth, residence, language etc. According to the judgement posted by the high court the petition was filed as such:

“The grievance of the petitioner relates to certain publications which according to the learned counsel for the petitioner is promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language etc. and doing acts prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony and also doing deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage the religious feelings of any class by insulating its religion or the religious beliefs which are punishable under Sections 153A and 295A of the I.P.C. Learned counsel for the petitioner further referred to the power of the State Government vested under Section 95 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for forfeiting such publications whether in the form of newspaper, book or document.”


He was born to a religious Hindu family where he first noticed some of the baseless superstitions being followed in the society. He also observed that there were many misinterpretations of the religious texts which were widespread and believed to be true by the followers of Hinduism. He also noticed that people from some certain castes were considered and treated as untouchables which would make them suffer economically, socially, and mentally. They were denied essentials such as education, jobs, food, shelter, and many other necessities, just because they were not born to a rich and educated family. During his graduation in philosophy he carefully studied the texts that were used to govern and divide people into these castes based on birth.

Adv. K S Rastogi, dedicated his education towards developing a better understanding of how this system came into existence, how it worked and why it was employed. He found several loopholes in the system that made the Hindu society weak from its foundation. Very early on he understood that this system had to be redefined so that everyone has equal rights to education and better standard of living. The only way to do that was to dissolve the caste system, which never existed in the Vedas or any other Hindu religious text. He took upon the onerous task of gaining in depth knowledge from the Upanishads and Vedas, so he could initiate a social reform that was very much needed. This was the very first step towards the development of Hindu Unity Movement (HUM).

Today, #KSR aka Adv. Karuna Shankar Rastogi has more than 1000 supporters and has decided to establish HUM as a worldwide organization.

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