How important is Social Media Marketing?

Updated: Jun 10

Social Media has been in the marketing industry for quiet some time. Remember this documentary The Social Network ?

A documentary that shows the growth of Facebook and Mr. Facebook and that even then this genius knew about his major plans to use his only weapon that is now ruling the world for marketing purposes and is now listed as one of the richest globally.

The above statement should keep you engaged because yes! social media has taken over a major portion of marketing /advertising because people are very tech-savvy and the majority population today likes to buy products online. Therefore many eCommerce businesses and other retail businesses are promoting features that keep their audience stick to online shopping.

There is no reason why you should not opt Social Media as a source to generate revenue in fact it has become a belief that if you do not have your presence on social media you are not a legit business. Well, not all of it might be true but if you look around yourself many successful businesses are online-based (Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon) and many individual entrepreneurs have their startups/businesses online and by using this magic tool Social Media they are doing really well.

How to choose your social media?

It is very easy. All you have to do is a little research on the competition and see what your competitors are working on. Some might have a Facebook Page while others might use Instagram and this mostly depends on the type of audience as well. If you think your business or product may have a good response on Instagram then you should start creating an Instagram account. Interestingly, Facebook recently bought Instagram and merged all the business tools for businesses to make the best of both platforms using efficient tools and ad services for targeted marketing.

There are other platforms such as LinkedIn or Google Business where you can register and make your business available at every platform for different types of audiences. LinkedIn is more kind of official stuff. Updates and posts are more likely about business growth and development and your connections. Linked In is a very effective platform if you are recruiting employees. On the contrary, Google Business is a tool by Google for creating your business location and updating it from time to time. Google lets you upload your location on the Maps and by a coded verification, your business appears on the Google Maps for your customers to locate you easily. If you are a business that is selling goods then you can also upload your products and use them for advertising purposes.

Create your accounts on different social media platforms and start playing around to learn interesting techniques and promote your business online. Many people have trouble doing all the Social Media Marketing things on their own and that is where The Media Specialists will always be at your service. We have custom designed plans for all your digital marketing and social media marketing needs. Our research and analysis help us to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and with our state of the art designs gives your business s professional yet classy presence. Connect with us!

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