How to connect Facebook with Instagram

Going back in time reminds me of Facebook being the most used app of the world. However it is still the most used app by businesses but ever since Facebook acquired Instagram people have started using it as their go to platform and it is currently the most used and trending platform. By acquiring Instagram, Facebook allowed its users to benefit from linking both accounts and using their features together. But How Do You Link Your Facebook Page With Instagram? Lets see how :

1. Sign Up or Log In your Facebook Account

The first step to Link your Facebook page with Instagram is to Log in or Sign up in your Facebook Account.

2. Finding Instagram on Facebook

After Logging/Signing in to your Facebook Account you have to

· Open your page and then click on the Page Setting option in the bottom left.

· Tap on Instagram in the left column

· Click on Connect Account

· Enter the Username and Password and click on Log- in

3. Follow the steps mentioned

You will get a prompt on the screen to connect to your Instagram Account. Once you have followed all the steps correctly you should be able to see your Instagram account linked with your Facebook.

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