How to create a theme for Instagram?

How to Create a theme for Instagram

It has been the most talked-about topic How to create a theme for Instagram? Have you ever thought why creators came across such a strategy to lure the audience and convert them into potential clients? Yes, having a theme certainly works for most of the companies and businesses as it has a different approach on their viewers when it comes to generating more eyeballs but it is not as necessary as it sounds.

Many big businesses and companies might have it as their major tool for attracting the audience by creating mindblowing graphics and videos and posting them with a pattern. Lets first learn about what does having a pattern or theme for Instagram means!

A theme or pattern on Instagram pages can have different meanings but if you look closely Instagram has a grid system that allows viewers to look at more than 9 posts by grid system at a time. The resolution of these grids is hardware dependent but the default resolution by Instagram is square so creators mostly prefer 1000x1000 pixels or 1080x1080 pixels at 320 dpi which gives them a high-quality index without losing detail. Now, designers/creators usually work on a 3x3 pattern which means all the 9 posts will follow the same story or pattern depending on either a color theme or images-text pattern. All of this might sound like too much effort and this is why companies and businesses hire digital professionals to handle their work on social media.

If you are under this pressure then worry no more. There is a magic tool for you to create perfectly themed posts that will attract your viewers also let you play around with interesting features. Download the Preview: Planner for Instagram. You can download this app on both android and ios platforms and it comes with amazing features like

  • drag and drop to rearrange posts

  • analytics and insights

  • schedule posts for Instagram

  • plan and design

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