How to create Instagram Business Account

Instagram is a social media platform that brings you closer to the people and things you love. It is not just for individual eyeballs but ever since Facebook purchased Instagram it also provides some features for businesses and professionals that lets them generate good business transactions around the year. If you want to start your own business account, then you have come to the right place. This blog will guide you on How to Create Instagram Business Account.

1. Create Your Instagram Account

After downloading the app from the play store or app store, the first thing to do

is create your account by signing up. You can do that with the help of either

your Google Account, Phone Number, or your Facebook account.

2. How to convert Personal Profile into Business Account

Instagram creates a public account by default when you first sign up. You can always change your privacy by going to Account Privacy setting and turn on Private. If you wish to convert your personal account to professional account you can do by simply going to Settings - Account - Switch to Professional Account đź‘Ť

- Go to your profile

- Tap on Account

- Click on Switch to Professional Account

The above video will guide you with step by step process on how to Switch from a personal account to Business Profile and to connect with Facebook Page.

3. Choose Your Business Category

Choose Your Business Category

After changing your profile type, it is time for choosing your business category. This means what type of business account is it going to be.

- Click on the Edit Profile

- you will find an option Switch To Professional Account.

- After clicking on that, a page will appear showing two options Creator and Business. Choose the option that fits best for you.

- At last, you will find the category page. Choose from the category that fits your business or profession.

If you are unable to find the category that you want then just click on the Search option at the top and search for the category that you find suitable for yourself. Continue till your profile is ready.

4. Choose a Profile Image

Choose Profile Image

Many people choose their business logo as there profile image. But it totally depends on you. It is recommended to choose an image that best represents you or your business. To Choose a Profile Image all you have to do is;

- Go to the profile page and click on Edit Profile

- Click on Change Profile Photo

- Choose from where you want to Import your picture or you can click a

photo from your Camera

- After you are finished with the process just click on Done or Next

5. Create Interesting Bio

Your Instagram Bio should be interesting and must attract eyeballs. To Create an Interesting Bio for your Instagram Page just click on Edit Profile and tap on the Bio section. A basic Bio should convey the type of business you do. However, some businesses keep there tagline and some might promote a coupon depending on the marketing strategy. Brainstorm with your team or friends and create an interesting bio to attract maximum eyeballs.

6. How to connect Instagram and Facebook Page

How to connect Instagram and Facebook Page

How to connect Instagram and Facebook Page

How to connect Instagram and Facebook Page

This step is also really easy and you’ll be able to do it in a snap. Just do the


- Open your profile and click on the 3 bars on the top right.

- Tap on the Settings option

- Click on Account and then click on Linked Accounts, then select Facebook

- Enter your Facebook Login Details

- After this, your Instagram account is automatically linked with your

Facebook Account.

7. Start Posting Your Content

It is time to start posting your posts. Don’t forget your posts define your account, so be creative and follow a pattern to attract your audience with what you post. Connect with us If you are looking for an expert or professional to handle your social media marketing.

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